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All year round, discover or rediscover the Île de Ré during a stay dedicated to comfort and well-being at the HR Hôtel & Spa Marin, a hotel in La Flotte en Ré. In this emblematic establishment on the Île de Ré, everything has been designed so that you can relax and recharge your batteries, discover a range of 5-star services. Treat yourself to a relaxing stopover in our hotel on the Île de Ré!

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Your wellness stays...

“The Sea wishes you well” THALGO
Well-being stay

Discover the ultimate harmony between well-being and pleasure with our stays inspired by the soothing benefits of the sea.

Immerse yourself in a unique experience where waves and treatments combine to revitalize your mind, body and soul. The vast marine horizons and salty air become your allies in your quest for total relaxation.

Forget your watch completely and let yourself be guided by our well-being experts with personalized support throughout your stay in our marine bubble. On the Île de Ré, facing the ocean, enjoy themed stays over 3 or 5 days, with the marine assets of THALGO laboratories strong>, for high-end care and benefit from coaching with our qualified physical trainers to rediscover, understand and control your body.

A total letting go which continues at the end of the session in our intimate rest areas at the Himalayan salt wall.

The Well-Being destination on the Île de Ré

On Île de Ré, HR Hôtel & Spa Marin is more than 6000 m2 facing the beach from Arnerault to La Flotte en Ré.

Let yourself be lulled by the ocean spray in our establishment with a space of almost 800 m2 dedicated to well-being, the Marin Spa.

Ideal destination to balance your senses and immerse yourself in moments of unforgettable pleasure.

The benefits of seawater and its active ingredients

The Marine Course has asea water pool heated to 34°C with targeted jets in order to benefit from numerous beneficial features for our health. Rich in trace elements, heated sea water baths help the skin to absorb all the benefits of mineral salts more quickly and more easily: regain of vitality, < strong>anti-stress cocktail, cell regeneration through ionic detoxification.

The Marin Spa has selectedthe best thalassotherapy treatments in order to combine benefit and well-being. The different treatments based on marine active ingredients defined by the THALGO Laboratories and particularly the seaweed body wraps allow you to benefit from all the benefits of marine active ingredients and purifying properties algae.

Well-being programs adapted to your desires

Four well-being themes are offered to you based on your needs and desires: Letting Go, Energizing, Beauty and Purification or Youth. Over 3 or 5 days, you will be able to find the program that best suits your availability.

And for those who would like to combine discovery of the Island & Well-being for a few days, a Unique stay created for you over 3 days with only 5 treatments (all between 20 and 30 min).

Our wellness programs can be carried out with or without accommodation.

1-day treatment combinations are also offered to help you discover our world.

Our Well-Being stay card

Accompaniment with our qualified sports coaches

Our physical trainers, Louise and Luc, are qualified sports coaches at your service to help you regain or improve your overall physical condition .

Pilates , Aqua Pilates in the heated seawater pool, personalized coaching , Louise and Luc make it a point of honor to adapt each session according to different criteria in order to rediscover, understand and control your body.

The philosophy of Pilates is to bring the body and mind into one , to find a beneficial synergy in search of the perfect execution.

The training circuits allow you to build , strengthen and tone your body with or without equipment.

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Specific care according to your needs

“Let go”: immerse yourself in absolute relaxation with at least one daily massage. treatments made from the Blue Sap of the Oceans, drawn from more than 20 meters deep in the heart of the Pink Granite Coast, sea water significantly more concentrated in minerals whose virtues promote hydration of your skin cells.

“Rebalancing & energizing”: recharge your batteries and bring a replenishment of energy to your body. Discover the Oceanic Stopover, inspired by lithotherapy and ancestral African techniques to intensely stimulate and invigorate the body, this treatment provides rhythmic, enveloping and invigorating maneuvers, associated with energizing rock crystals to recharge and revitalize your body.

“Beauty & purification”: sublimate your skin, drain and detoxify your body. The benefits of the CHRONO DRAINANT wrap, a 2-in-1 treatment: aromatic algal wrap and draining massage, for a slimmer silhouette and legs

“Youth”: an ultimate regeneration for overall youthfulness and deep relaxation. Experience THALGO excellence where innovation and technicality combine with luxury and emotion. The PRODIGE DES OCEANS global treatment provides the revitalizing benefits of Marine Regenerative Intelligence, an absolute concentrate of 63 active marine ingredients.

To book your Well-Being stay: 05 46 09 60 70

Discover our stays and treatments

Well-being days

For a day, immerse yourself in the world of MARINE SPA and the benefits of the natural elements of the ocean.

* My Discovery Day (€135) *

3 treatments:

  • 1 hydromassage bed
  • 1 Marine wrap
  • 1 coached session in a heated seawater pool

Unlimited access to the Marine Course

* My Relaxation Day (€185) *

3 treatments:

  • 1 hydromassage bed
  • 1 marine bath
  • 1 “star” massage (50 min)

Unlimited access to the Marine Course

* My Detox day (€190) *

4 treatments:

  • 1 hydromassage bed
  • 1 Body scrub
  • 1 CHRONO DRAINING marine wrap (45 min)
  • 1 coached session in a heated seawater pool

Unlimited access to the Marine Course

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